CAC BOA July Meeting Minutes

CACBOA chapter meeting, July 20th, 2013
Meeting was held at the Forge of Garrett Sheeks in Stuttgart, AR
7 members, no guests

At the forge:
• Garrett gave a demo of creating a fork
• Trade item was a chisel or punch
Business Meeting (12:45):
• Old Business:
o Toolbox Raffle: approximately $380 collected. Drawing will be held at the October NW chapter meeting at Rusty Wheels.
o Coal: If you need coal between meetings, call Dale Custer.  If you have empty bags, please get them to Dale.
o Comment about NW Arkansas chapter: trade item next month is something made from rail spike AND horseshoe. Apparently much higher skill level up in the hills than here in central Arkansas.
o Web page progress:
 Domain name registered:  www.blacksmithsofarkansas.Org 
 If trouble with this link.  Try old link at
• New Business:
o August meeting:
 To be held at the forge of Thurston Fox, in Mayflower.
 Trade item: something to put on a keychain
o September meeting:
 To be held at the forge of Herman Ginger
• Adjourned at 1:05 (motion by  Garrett Sheeks; seconded by Shane Driski)


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