Report of the July Meeting

This month’s meeting took place at Richard Ross’ Elbow Holler Forge in Rea Valley. We welcomed new members Luke Roberts from Mountain Home and Clyde Foster from Huntsville. Luke brought several of his hand made knives to show our members, which were very impressive. 

Justin Jones reported that he is still working out details on a hammer class, he should have more to report on that next month. Two potential teachers for this class are Nathan Roberts of Jackpine Forge, or possibly Bryan Brazeal.

The website Dale Custer is working on for BOA can be found at – – which can also be found by a google search.

We would like to thank Robert Fox for his third contribution to BOA’s newsletter. His articles are very informative and we want him to know we appreciate his work! We are always looking for member contributions in our monthly newsletter.

Mike Williamson discussed further details on a First Aid kit for BOA. If anyone has a box or canvas bag they would be willing to donate, please bring it. Also, please contribute anything to our kit you determine to be useful.

We would like to thank Tom Upton for donating funds to BOA from scrap metal he recycled that was left over from a previous meeting.
The tool box had reached $396 by the end of the meeting Saturday. The membership voted to have the drawing for the tool box at our October meeting at Rusty Wheels, so please continue to bring tools and buy tickets for our tool box!

Ron Wells reported that Tanner Steel north of Harrison is interested in stocking some blacksmith tools, and possibly coal in the future. There may be more to come on this down the road.

Bob Patrick reported the deadline for the Alex Bealer Award is approaching. He also reported that ESSA out of Eureka Springs is working on opening a blacksmith shop by next year, a project he is advising on.
If anyone takes photos during any of our meetings, or has photos they would like to share of any blacksmithing activity, please email Dale and Justin.

Richard Ross demonstrated making a tomahawk during our meeting Saturday, which was raffled off to raise funds for the club. We would like to thank Richard for demoing all day and for allowing us to visit his shop again!

I’d also like to note that my wife and I are expecting our first child later this month. Notes of advice or sympathy are appreciated –

Happy Forging!

Justin Jones